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Success – Hello World

May 26, 2014

After several more false starts I have the new board generally working.  I can load code into the 1802 and the 1802 can print back to the PC.  That means the shift registers are connected and clocking properly and the avr is seeing the i/o request from the 1802.

14-05-26 hello world

To get this to work I had to butcher the misplaced holes for the secondary connector to the membership card which destroyed all the traces which had to be replaced with flying blue wires.  Of course i did one of those incorrectly(twice) and spent a couple of extra hours finding that.  Hence the logic analyzer probes.  Next I need to solder on the arduino connector headers and try it out with a couple of shields.  Then I can get on to trying the 74165 shift register replacement and maybe a smaller, less obtrusive avr.

14-05-26 success






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