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Floating Point Routines

May 14, 2014

I came across by accident a reference to a book of floating point routines for the 1802 written by a canadian scientist at the Chalk River labs of the AECL in 1986. I was quite excited because I never liked the FP routines that I built into the LCC1802 C compiler. The document was available on inter-library loan so I got it over the winter from the Atikokan Public Library. Atikokan is a small town west of Thunder Bay, 1500 km from Chalk River but whatever. Ultimately, I’m disappointed because the document describes the routines but it doesn’t include the code. In retrospect this isn’t a surprise because these were working professionals, writing for other professionals, not submitting their work to Byte magazine.

Not a complete loss on two counts though: First, I can stop looking for the RCA floating point routines. These guys wrote their own code because the RCA routines were slow and non-standard; Secondly, there are a few details in the writeup that might be hints to improve my existing code.

Still, overall, not what I had hoped for. I’ve tried googling around for the author but other than other scientific papers no luck. Guessing he was in his 30′s in 1986 he’d probably still be around if retired. There’s an image of the cover and a link to the pdf below.
AECL Floating Point Routines
14-05-14 FP Image

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