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Olduino Server on the Public Internet

February 18, 2014



I forwarded a port to the olduino through the router and I’m now able to turn Q on and off from my phone over the public internet.  A bunch of other people have also accessed it from all over the place.  The rewards are meager but 1802 enthusiasts are an easily amused bunch.

I’m going to leave it active for the day or until I need the ethernet cable for my roku box.  I don’t think there’s much risk other than just publishing the IP itself.  In the picture you can see the olduino short stack with the ethernet shield on top.  The yellow cable is running to the router and the black one is going to a USB power adapter.  The code running the http server is written in C and entirely running on the 1802!

It’s probably not the oldest processor on the internet but it’s getting there.  There’s a pdp-8 at which would be much older than my 1802 but it’s not really on the web.

Today only, you can toggle my led at


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