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Olduino Ethernet Server Resurrection and a bug.

February 17, 2014

14-02-17 serverisback14-02-17 shortstack

The Ethernet server has been sleeping for a while but with the hardware spi shield adapter working it’s time for a resurrection.  The stack looks a lot less silly now too with the olduino and shield adapter on one board and only the ethernet card mounted on it.


I had to make code changes because I keep changing the names of the spi routines. I was using shiftoutf() and shiftinf() for some reason, now it’s spixfer and spiSend. I’ll try to stick with them.

I wasted a couple of days tracking down a bug in the macro JNZI1 which wasn’t restoring the stack pointer. It showed up in the strncmp() routine. I must have introduced it during the dhrystone optimization.


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