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Decisions, Decisions, and Another Epiphany

January 7, 2014

I want to do another evolution of the olduino board but I can’t make up my mind on the approach.  The main alternatives are an all-in-one with the 1802 on the same board or a new olduino daughter board which sits on top of the MC cpu card.  The all-in-one has a LOT of components while the stacking approach leaves you with a hardware mountain.

So, I am all about the art of the possible.  The olduino and the shield adapter are shown below:

14-01-07-shieldadapter 14-01-07-olduino

I had been thinking there was a lot of guff on the shield adapter and could I fit it on the original olduino.  I probably could BUT, the only thing I really need to add to the shield adapter to make a combo is the larger AVR, and it can replace the Attiny!  The only gates on the olduino board are for the memory write enable and there are a ton of unused gates on the shield adapter.  Everything else is a small matter of wiring(SMOW) followed by a small matter of programming(SMOP).

Ladies and gentlemen: The olduinoIV14-01-07-olduinoIV

I am stoked!  This won’t be the final form factor of course but I should be able to prototype it on this board and then a redo with judicious use of soic components could be in the works.


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