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Olduino/Membership Card Shield Adapter

October 30, 2013


I got back my PC boards today for the shield adapter. This is to let me try attaching arduino shields to the olduino. I expect to have 100kb/sec SPI to let me run things like the Ethernet shield with better throughput. It’s interesting to note that the adapter sits on top of the olduino which is on top of the MC but it only uses MC signals. The olduino is handy for getting code into the MC but it won’t be driving the shields.

The long horizontal row of headers near the top connects to the membership card. The shorter row above brings up the N lines from the MC. The two blocks of 6 female headers and the two blocks of 8 headers will attach the shield. The 74595 and 4021 are input and output shift registers for SPI and the 74373 is a parallel output port. The 74238 is decoding the N lines and the other two chips are glue. The chips will be in sockets but I’m just loose fitting them to make sure I’ve got what I need.

The extra DIP footprints aren’t connected – I just put them in because there was room and if i’ve got something wrong I can jumper one of them into the circuit.


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