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Now they tell me! What I learned AFTER the enc28j60 hack-a-rama

March 2, 2013

David schultz on the cosmac elf web site commented that 1400 lines was a lot of code for my ping example and that the wiznet-based arduino shields did a lot more of the work for ethernet attachment.  He provided a link to what woud be a much simpler starting point for getting an 1802 on the net.  It’s code for an avr to use a wiznet based shield – it’s much simpler and more compact and it’s all in one file rather than broken into a bunch of libraries and classes.  If I had realized how much simpler this would have been with wiznet I would have sprung for the more expensive module.  I might still get one to play with but frankly, the 200-300 ma the ethernet modules use seems prohibitive and i’d rather leapfrog to wifi if i can find one similar.

The code and discussion are at

and there’s hardware at at

The Seeed stuio shield actually looks pretty good – there would be room to put some extra female headers for interfacing.

seeed studio ethernet shield


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