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Version 2 Hardware

August 20, 2012

In June/July 2012 I got PCBs made by the Seeed Fusion service.  I had taught myself enough Eagle to make the schematic and board layout and Seeed offered the best price for this size board($25 for 10 boards plus $10 delivery).  The production was very quick but, with delivery, it was just under three weeks til I had the boards in hand.

Amazingly, I hadn’t made any crippling mistakes in the layout and it worked pretty much as soon as I had it populated.  I did notice that I hadn’t actually connected the top ground plane to ground but that’s no big deal and, when I was populating the board I managed to substitute a 1uf capacitor for the 100pf normally in the reset circuit.  That resulted in a very slow start for the avr after power on or a serial connection.

Finished product

Olduino Schematic

Olduino Schematic

The schematic is very basic, the only things specific to the 1802 are the 30 pin connectors that go down to the membership card and the shift register that lets the AVR read the 1802’s output lines.


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